Help Save AdVerse: A Digital Marketing Agency in Crisis

Hello, kind-hearted supporters!
My name is Joseph Noor, and I am CEO of AD Seventy One Ltd, a digital marketing agency based in the UK. Today, I am reaching out to you with an urgent plea to help save our partner agency, AdVerse. AdVerse, like many small businesses, has been severely impacted by the recent economic downturn in Bangladesh and is struggling to stay afloat.
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Why It’s Important

AdVerse isn’t just another digital marketing agency; it’s a passionate team of talented individuals dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed. They have been a beacon of creativity, innovation, and hope for countless clients. Unfortunately, due to the harsh economic conditions in Bangladesh, AdVerse is facing insurmountable financial challenges. They are unable to pay their dedicated staff and are drowning in debt. As the parent company, AD Seventy One Ltd wishes we could help, but we too are grappling with our financial difficulties.

How the Funds Will Be Used

We aim to raise £90,000 to cover the most immediate and pressing needs of AdVerse. Here is a breakdown of how the funds will be utilized:
1. Employee Salaries: £50,000
  • Ensuring hardworking team members can support their families and continue their invaluable work.
2. Debt Repayment: £25,000
  • Clearing outstanding debts to prevent the agency from shutting down permanently.
3. Operational Costs: £15,000
  • Covering essential expenses to keep the agency running, such as rent, utilities, and software subscriptions.

Your Impact

Every single contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference. If each of you could donate just £5, we could collectively pull AdVerse out of this crisis and set them on a path to recovery. Your support will save jobs and ensure that this incredible team can continue to help businesses thrive in the digital world.
We are incredibly grateful for your generosity and support during this challenging time. We can give AdVerse a fighting chance to overcome this crisis and emerge stronger. Thank you for standing with us and making a real difference in the lives of many.
Joseph Noor

Contact Info

Registered Office: 2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London, United Kingdom, HA4 7AE

Mobile: +447308601244

Email: [email protected]